FAITH Grand Rapids: 2017 - 2018

January/February 2017

English Cover Story - 10 Year Anniversary (Variety of cover stories)
ArtÍculo Principal - Vayan también ustedes a mi viña (Victorina Pablo y Ricardo Valdez)

Digital Edition (English | Español)

March 2017

Cover Story - From Schoolyard to Seminary: St. Patrick Classmates Prepare for Priesthood (Michael Steffes Jr. and Johnathan Johnson)

Digital Edition

April 2017

Cover Story - Saying 'Yes' to Jesus. God Saved Ray's Life and He Decided to Share it with Others (Ray Boisvenue)

Digital Edition

May 2017

English Cover Story - His Perilous Fight: How Faith Sustained Martin Solis on His Journey From Guatemala to a Better Life in America. (Martin Solis)

ArtÍculo principal - Llevando la palabra evangelizadora a través de María

Digital Edition (English | Español)

June 2017

Cover Story - Called to Serve: The Wait is Over for Three Men to be Ordained Permanent Deacons. (Deacon Dean Vernon, Deacon Lance Walters and Deacon Dennis Rybicki)

Digital Edition

July/August 2017

Cover Story - From 'Who Me?' to Heartfelt Conviction: How Three Men Heard and Answered God's Call to Priesthood (Fathers Kyle Kilpatrick, Steven Geerling and Stephen Durkee)

ArtÍculo Principal -Las familias inmigrantes encuentran una patria en la iglesia  

Digital Edition (English | Español)

September 2017

Cover Story - They Were Strangers and She Welcomed Them (Prisilla Baldwin) 

Digital Edition

October 2017

Cover Story - First Down and Eternity: Coach Joe Hyland Builds Champions On and Off the Field (Joe Hyland)

Digital Edition

Annual Report

November 2017

Cover Story - Praying for a Miracle: The Buehlers are Putting Their Faith in Father Solanus (Julie Buehler)

Digital Edition

December 2017

Cover Story - A Life of Limits, Bouyed by Uncommon Faith (Jim Matthews)

Digital Edition

January/February 2018

English Cover Story - Seth's Miraculous Recovery: How God Saved His Life and Restored His Faith (Seth Alfaro)

ArtÍculo Principal -Dos jóvenes Católicos invitan a otros a despertar (Read in English)

Digital Edition (English | Español)

March 2018

Cover Story - Beloved Sons or Daughters of God: Father Tom Cavera Launches Ministry for Families of Those with Same-Sex Attraction (Father Tom Cavera)

Digital Edition

April 2018

Cover Story - We are Made in God's Image: Racism Prevails, but Joanne Find Strength and Hope in Her Catholic Faith (Joanne Jones)

Digital Edition

May 2018

English Cover Story - Immersed in Faith: A 'Nudge From God' Leads Liz Peters to Her Role as Founding Principal of St. Robert Catholic School (Liz Peters) (Read in Español)

ArtÍculo Principal: El testimonio de una vida de entrega
A life of self-surrender (Father Ted Kozlowski) (Read in English)

Digital Edition (English | Español)

June 2018

Cover Story - From Growing Potatoes to Cultivating Vocations: Deacon Jim Hessler Helps Prepare Men for Ministry and Service (Deacon Jim and Jean Hessler)

Digital Edition

July/August 2018

English Cover Story - 'Ready to Start Doing God's Work' (Father Michael Steffes Jr.) (Read in Español)
ArtÍculo Principal - Diáconos Servidores de Cristo (Read in English)

Digital Edition (English | Español)

September 2018

Cover Story - From Pewamo to Rome: Sister Marie Faustina Represents Her Generation Ahead of Worldwide Synod (Sister Marie Faustina)

Digital Edition

October 2018

Cover Story - "Why Did I Survive?": After a Tragic Car Accident, Nancy Finds Purpose in Sharing Her Music and Farm (Nancy Supran)

Digital Edition
Annual Report

November 2018

English Cover Story - The Cathedral Welcomes a New Rector: How Father René Seeks to Inspire Beyond Sunday (Father René Constanza, CSP)

ArtÍculo Principal: Atraemos a otros al evangelio por nuestro testimonio y nuestra alegría

Digital Edition (English | Español)

December 2018

Cover Story - G.I.F.T.E.D. with Faith: Kyle Winters Lives for Others (Kyle Winters)

Digital Edition