Annually, the Diocese of Grand Rapids is audited by an independent auditing agency to ensure we are successfully meeting and improving safe environment policies and procedures in accordance with the USCCB’s Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People (2002). Each year, since the implementation of the Charter, the diocese has been found to be in compliance, including for the current 2018-19 audit year. This year’s audit was conducted on site, which is completed in this manner every three years.

The diocese is committed to protecting children and vulnerable adults from harm. Our safe environment program aims to prevent sexual abuse within our community and to help heal the wounds of survivors.

Individuals with knowledge of sexual abuse by clergy or another representative of the Church are urged to
contact the Michigan Attorney General’s office which can be reached at 844-324-3374.
Individuals may also contact the diocese’s victim assistance coordinator at 616-243-0491. 

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Safe environment policies and practices
Compliance and audits