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Call the Michigan Attorney General's hotline:

The Diocese of Grand Rapids encourages individuals with a reasonable cause to suspect sexual abuse of a minor by a member of the clergy (bishop, priest, or deacon) or by any person acting under the authority of apparent authority of the Church to contact the Michigan Attorney General's hotline number shown above, or the diocese's victim assistance coordinator at 616-243-0491. You are also encouraged to report abuse directly to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. We place no time frame on when someone can call the diocese to report the sexual abuse of minors by priests, deacons and other Church personnel. Our diocese accepts and responds to all reports.

Individuals who believe they were sexually abused as a minor by a priest or deacon are urged to follow the same reporting procedure.

To speak to the victim assistance coordinator, please call 616-243-0491. All calls and messages regarding complaints of sexual abuse will be returned in a timely manner. Callers will be asked to provide their name and telephone number.

Read the Diocese of Grand Rapids' policy regarding the sexual abuse of minors
Posters in three languages containing information about reporting alleged abuse (English | Español | Vietnamese)
Canonical process for the resolution of allegations of sexual abuse of minors by priests and deacons

Who should report abuse?

Everyone has the ability to report abuse and should if they are aware of any incidents.The Michigan Child Protection Law, 1975 PA 238, MCL 722.621 et. seq., requires the reporting of child abuse and neglect by certain persons (mandated reporters) and permits the reporting of child abuse and neglect by all persons. The Child Protection Law includes the legal requirements for reporting, investigating, and responding to child abuse and neglect.

Mandated reporters are an essential part of the child protection system because they have an enhanced capacity, through their expertise and direct contact with children, to identify suspected child abuse and neglect. The list of mandated reporters is as follows:
• Physician
• Physician’s Assistant
• Nurse
• Dentist
• Registered dental hygienist
• Law enforcement officer
• Medical examiner
• Audiologist
• Psychologist
• Member of the clergy
• School administrator
• School counselor or teacher
• Regulated child care provider
• Social workers
• Licensed professional counselor
• Marriage and family therapist
• Regulated child care provider
• Registered social service technician

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