The Trustees of The Catholic Foundation of West Michigan have recently approved a new donor-centric strategic plan for The Foundation guiding it from 2020-2022. The new plan calls for the hiring of a full-time executive director to lead The Foundation, as well as a stewardship officer to assist in laying the groundwork for this strategic plan.

Therefore, the Diocese of Grand Rapids will no longer be contracting with Mark Morrow and the Breton Group. The Trustees wish to sincerely thank Mark and the staff of the Breton Group for their years of service to the Foundation and Mark’s time and leadership in helping to develop this new strategic direction. Mark will serve of counsel to the new executive director during this leadership transition.

Mark wished to add the following remarks: “It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve our Bishops, Board of Advisors, diocesan staff members and the greater community throughout the past 20+ years through my diocesan roles as executive director of The Foundation, Catholic Services Appeal team consultant and director of the Office of Stewardship and Development; I have worn many hats over the years! Through this strategic plan, The Foundation is well positioned for robust growth and a greater presence in West Michigan, necessitating the need for a full-time executive director and support staff who can devote additional time to our donors and lead The Foundation into the future.

I truly value the relationships I have made over the years through my roles with the diocese and look forward to continuing to serve each of you and the Church in other ways, including through the work of The Breton Group.”

The executive director will build a team of professionals and grow The Foundation in alignment with the new strategic plan. The stewardship officer will build relationships with donors and Catholic ministries and design engagement experiences that occur once generosity has been offered to The Foundation. This position is inspired by gifts to the Our Shepherds – Our Future Capital Campaign, as well as the recently approved, donor-centric 2020-2022 strategic plan for The Foundation.

Job descriptions for the executive director and stewardship officer positions may be found here.