Pray, reflect and act to uphold religious freedom

Religious Freedom Week takes place from June 22, the Memorial of Sts. Thomas More and John Fisher, through June 29, the Solemnity of Sts. Peter & Paul. Religious freedom allows the Church, and all religious communities, to live out their faith in public and to serve the good of all. Join Catholics across the country to pray and act for the freedom to serve faithfully and with integrity.

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All people are equipped with the desire to know their Creator. All people have a natural impulse to seek the good and to live in accordance with that good. Religious freedom is both an American value and an important part of Catholic teaching on human dignity. Through prayer, education, and public action during Religious Freedom Week, the faithful can promote the essential right of religious freedom for Catholics and for those of all faiths.

Pray, reflect & act

Daily reflections from the USCCB:
Day 1: June 22 | en español
Day 2: June 23 | en español
Day 3: June 24 | en español
Day 4: June 25 | en español
Day 5: June 26 | en español
Day 6: June 27 | en español
Day 7: June 28 | en español
Day 8: June 29 | en español

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More about Religious Freedom Week 2023

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) offers the faithful daily topics addressing different aspects of religious liberty for prayer, reflection, and action, which may be found on its Religious Freedom Week web page. The resources this year show the breadth of religious liberty issues of concern to the bishops of the United States. In creating the resources, the USCCB’s Committee for Religious Liberty collaborated with the Conference’s Office of International Justice and Peace to raise awareness about the persecution of the Catholic Church in Nicaragua, and conflicts and religious tensions in Nigeria. These are examples of issues the faithful should be aware of in order to be in solidarity with people throughout the world who suffer for their faith. Read more

Additional resources:

Read Bishop Walkowiak’s columns: Why religious freedom matters, and not only for Catholics | Por qué es importante la libertad religiosa, y no solo para los Católicos (June-Junio 2023 FAITH Grand Rapids magazine)
In defense of religious freedom” (December 2020 FAITH Grand Rapids magazine)

Civilize It: Dignity Beyond the Debate

A divided country. Fights at the dinner table. Political vitriol. Whether it’s a presidential election year or not, what does it mean to love our neighbors in the midst of such a climate? The U.S. bishops’ have responded to that question with Civilize It, a campaign that invites Catholics to model civility, love for neighbor, and respectful dialogue. Learn more, sign the #CivilizeIt pledge.

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