Fathers are called in a special way to reflect God’s unconditional love and forgiveness. Similar to the way our heavenly Father cares for us, our earthly fathers are there to help us navigate life’s challenges and pick us up when we fall.

Read “A father’s blessing” by Brian J. Plachta (FAITH Grand Rapids magazine, June 2018)

God the Father gave up his only Son, Jesus Christ, so that we might be saved through him. He provides an example of the very vocation of fatherhood. Fathers are to sacrifice their lives for their families.

They do this by:
• Being the spiritual leaders and guardians of their families.
• Praying for and with their families.
• Being a courageous witness to the Gospel.
• Providing care and support for their families.
• Serving as an example of goodness and truth.
• Leading with courage and accountability.
• Laying down one’s life for the other.

Today, in a special way, let us be grateful for:
• Our fathers, by birth or adoption, who love us and support us through life.
• Our priests and bishops who act as spiritual fathers.
• And God our Father, who will always teach justly and grant us boundless mercy.

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