About 60 Catholic parishes, schools, and organizations in the Diocese of Grand Rapids received a loan through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The largest loan was awarded to Catholic Charities West Michigan at almost $3 million. The Diocese of Grand Rapids, along with 58 parishes and schools were awarded loans between $25,400 and $800,275. We are one of the scores of nonprofits in our community that qualified for and received this support from the federal government. These loans are based on a formula and specified for use on employee payroll, rent, and utilities. PPP funding received in the diocese was only used for these categories.

Our Catholic parishes, schools, and charitable organizations were able to support employment for an estimated 1,000 laypeople who were then able to support their own families and provide vitally needed community services during the pandemic due to this funding.

In addition to local parish food pantries, God’s Kitchen served meals to more than 300 people each day. Our Catholic school teachers continued with remote instruction. Catholic Charities West Michigan continued its mental health counseling and family preservation services electronically. The services are available to all members of the community, both Catholics and non-Catholics.

We continued to deliver these vital community services at a time they were needed most because people were able to stay employed through PPP funding.