May is traditionally dedicated in a special way to honoring Mary as the Mother of God and Mother of the Church. May is also dedicated to recognizing moms, grandmothers, stepmoms, mothers-to-be and all women who in and through their lives encompass the qualities of motherhood.

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As the Mother of God, the Virgin Mary has a unique position among the saints, indeed, among all creatures. She is exalted, yet still one of us. Why does Mary have such a prominent place in the communion of saints?

As Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI reflected in Deus Caritas Est (Dec. 2005), “Outstanding among the saints is Mary, Mother of the Lord and mirror of all holiness. Mary’s greatness consists in the fact that she wants to magnify God, not herself. She is lowly: her only desire is to be the handmaid of the Lord (cf. Lk 1:38, 48).”

Mary, more than anyone, can show us Jesus, lead us to him and teach us to know and love him, “so that we too can become capable of true love and be fountains of living water in the midst of a thirsting world.”

When your heart is anxious, turn to Mary and say, “Mary, put my heart at peace.” When your mind is too busy, look to Mary and pray, “Mary, settle down my mind.” When you want to grow and deepen your life, look to Mary and beg, “Mary, just as you helped Jesus grow in wisdom and grace, help me also to advance on the spiritual path which God has laid out for me.” (from the book Images of Mary).

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