Fourteen local and regional organizations received funding for their anti-poverty work as a result of the annual CCHD collection. Over $165,000 was distributed to these organizations, thanks to the generosity of those who support the CCHD second collection each November.

At the recommendation (ratified by Bishop Walkowiak) of the local CCHD grant committee $50,200 was distributed to 12 organizations through local grants. These organizations are located right here in our diocese and include projects across seven West Michigan counties in both urban and rural communities:

Funding was awarded across the chain of anti-poverty work:
• Immediate assistance that includes food, utilities, baby items
• Skills and family supports like childcare, financial literacy and ESL classes,
• Holistic support for new residents through migrant ministries
• Coordinated efforts seeking to address systemic problems like affordable housing, childcare reform and community safety

Recipients were:
• St. Patrick-St. Anthony Migrant Ministries
• Roosevelt Park Ministries – ESL and Computer Literacy Program
• The Dock Ministries – Afterschool center and Teen Gardening Class
• Catholic Charities West Michigan – Pregnancy Counseling and Support Services
• St. Francis de Sales Parish, Holland – St. Vincent de Paul Center
• St. Alphonsus – Vita Tax Program
• Holy Name of Jesus Church – Adult ESL Program
• St. Ann-St. Ignatius – Bread of Life Food Pantry
• Caritas Food Pantry
• Friends of Jesus Fund
• St. Mary’s (Spring Lake) – Walking with Moms in Need
• St. Charles-St. Joseph-St Mary – Walking with Moms in Need
• Together West Michigan (Grand Rapids based) received a $50,000 national grant.
• Strangers No Longer (Detroit based) received a $65,000 national grant.

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