ArtPrize Grand Rapids is excited to announce the donation of ArtPrize 2011 Grand Prize winner, ‘Crucifixion’, to the Diocese of Grand Rapids.

Couple in front of Mia Tavonatti's Crucifixion, ArtPrize 2011 entry

‘Crucifixion’ was the creation of Santa Ana artist Mia Tavonatti. The piece was originally commissioned for Saint Kilian’s Catholic Church in Orange County, California. This beautiful 9’x13’ stained glass mosaic depicts Jesus Christ’s death on the cross. Tavonatti entered the piece into ArtPrize 2011 after construction delays with the church prevented the piece from being installed. The piece ultimately won the $250,000 Public Vote Grand Prize.

After captivating visitors at ArtPrize, ‘Crucifixion’ was installed at Cornerstone University’s Seminary Building in Grand Rapids on a long-term loan from ArtPrize. Following the expiration of the loan, ArtPrize sought a permanent home for the piece. It will be installed at Cathedral Square Center (360 Division Ave. S. in Grand Rapids) which houses the offices and conference center of the Diocese.

“The piece depicts a central event of our faith – Jesus Christ died to save us. What a beautiful way to remember this gift and sacrifice each day,” said Michael Lown, diocesan chancellor and chief financial officer. “We are grateful to the leadership of ArtPrize for reaching out to make this donation possible.”

“Mia Tavonatti’s Crucifixion is one of our most popular Grand Prize winners ever,” said Rick DeVos, founder of ArtPrize. “We’re thrilled that the diocese will give this great artwork a permanent home for Grand Rapids residents and visitors to enjoy.”

‘Crucifixion’ will be installed by June 2022.

Annalise Laumeyer, director of communications
[email protected]