Return to the Church

You are always welcome!

Whether you've been away awhile or just a short period of time we hope you will accept our invitation to come home.

In baptism, you became a member of the Church. No matter your reasons for being away, God's love is, always has been and always will be here for you.

There are many reasons that people separate from the Church. These reasons should not be discounted. We encourage you to look further into those reasons in the hope of identifying a way back. Our hope is to provide you with a place from which a return to your Catholic faith can take place, reconciliation and healing can be found if needed, and your friendship with Jesus can continue to grow.
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Find your faith

Contact one of our parishes where a staff member can answer any questions you may have.

Participate in a class at the Catholic Information Center(CIC), the Dominican Center, the Franciscan Life Process Center, the Saint Benedict Institute, or the Lakeshore Academy for the New Evangelization (LANE).