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Why work for Muskegon Catholic as the President?

Lead with Purpose: Be at the forefront of a faith-filled organization dedicated to nurturing
the spiritual growth of our children and shaping them into future Saints. Your role will be
instrumental in guiding young hearts and minds and bringing them closer to Christ.

Join an Exceptional Team: From day one, you will be supported by an exceptional
leadership team. You will work alongside a highly effective leadership team that has, over the
past year, not only driven growth in fundraising but also earned the Diocesan “Enrollment
Champion” award for Elementary and Middle School enrollment growth.

Experience Excellence: Take pride in overseeing a school community that consistently
achieves excellence. Our track record includes:
– Sending 98% of our students to college.
– Graduating more than 15 alumni clergy.
– Cultivating over 20 high school champion-caliber teams.
– Producing award-winning musicals and artists.

Experience Spiritually Rewarding Workdays: Your workdays will be enriched by the gift
of Mass, Sacraments, adoration, and service.

Make a Lasting Impact: Your role here will directly contribute to a thriving school
community that serves as a Catholic center of community and education for over 20 Catholic
parishes. You will be a key player in faith and education in our region.

Enjoy Life in Muskegon: Beyond the fulfilling work, Muskegon Catholic offers an
exceptional quality of life. It is situated within a thriving community with:
– One of the top-rated beaches in the world along the picturesque shores of Lake Michigan.
– Abundant parks, over 650 miles of scenic trails, more than 60 beautiful lakes, and diverse
natural areas to regularly experience God’s beauty.
– A wealth of cultural and historical attractions, award winning restaurants, and a variety of
music and entertainment options.
– Over 60 beautiful lakes in the county, providing endless opportunities for boating,
fishing, and water recreation.

How will you make a difference at Muskegon Catholic?

School and Spiritual Leader:
– As a person of exceptional character and integrity, you will be a role model, upholding
the moral and ethical teachings of Catholicism.
– You will unite Board members, school staff, and key stakeholders in unwavering
alignment with the Mission, Values, and Strategic Objectives of MCC.
– In partnership with the Bishop, Diocesan Superintendent, Chaplain, and Campus
Minister, you will cultivate an authentically-Catholic and nurturing spiritual environment.

– Your role will involve recruiting, empowering, managing, and retaining a high-quality
staff deeply committed to Muskegon Catholic’s Mission.
– Together with school departmental leaders, you will devise and implement short and
long-term improvement objectives for each school department.

Financial Steward:
– As the administrative fiduciary of Muskegon Catholic, you will oversee the development
of an annual budget in collaboration with the Board of Trustees and Finance Committee
and ensure that spending aligns with the operating budget.

– You will collaborate closely with the Director of Advancement to devise and execute
strategies aimed at initiating and achieving annual fundraising goals.
– You will actively participate in activities for donor cultivation, solicitation, and relations.

Enrollment and Student Retention:
– You will work closely with the Director of Enrollment to develop effective public
relations, advertising, and marketing plans and programs.
– In partnership with the Director of Enrollment, you will establish and achieve annual
new-student recruitment and retention plans and objectives.

Continued Academic Excellence:
– As the President, you will empower, manage, and support the Principal in the day-to-day
operations of the school, including curriculum, staff management, student discipline, and
academic excellence.
– You will drive collaborative decision making with the Principal to achieve a
shared-vision and ensure that the school’s mission and vision are upheld while addressing
the needs of the students, staff, and the broader community.

Parent/Alumni Relations:
– You will oversee effective and ongoing communication plans and programs to effectively
engage MCC parents and alumni to maintain their support of the school.
– Work closely with Parent Committees to ensure their efforts support MCC’s Mission,
enhance positive parental and student involvement, and cultivate a vibrant and successful
volunteer program.

What qualifications are needed for the President at Muskegon Catholic?

Practicing and Devoted Catholic: A practicing Catholic with a commitment to their
faith. They must actively participate in the sacramental life of the church and be willing
to effectively convey their faith to others.
Inspirational Leader: A passionate leader, dedicated to carrying out God’s will for
MCC. A demonstrated ability to inspire and lead others toward the achievement of
organizational goals.
Effective Communication: Strong communication and public relations skills are crucial.
The candidate must be adept at maintaining and expanding community connections
across various stakeholders, including Muskegon Catholic Alumni, students, staff, and
donor families.
Financial Acumen: A strong grasp of financial management is essential. The candidate
should possess the knowledge and experience to develop budgets, analyze financial
statements, and effectively manage financial resources, ensuring the financial stability
and growth of MCC.
Educational Qualifications: A Master’s degree in education, administration or
equivalent experience in a similar role is required. This educational background or
equivalent expertise should equip the candidate with the necessary skills and knowledge
to lead a faith-based educational institution effectively.

Why is this job currently available?

– The current President is retiring at the end of the school year, after 8 years with MCC and
will be available to provide a smooth transition to the new President. The previous
President was with Muskegon Catholic for over 10 years.

This job sounds amazing! How do I apply?

– To apply for the position of President of Muskegon Catholic Central, candidates are
asked to submit your resume and a cover letter, expressing your interest and
qualifications for the role. Please send by email to: [email protected] and
include in the subject line: “Application for President.” Complete and return the application form located here.

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