With Bishop Walkowiak’s support, the diocese partnered with RENEW International to implement the Healing Our Church/Sanando Nuestra Iglesia process in English and Spanish in parishes of the dioceseFacilitated by members of the laity, this process offers the opportunity for Catholics who’ve been discouraged and angered by the clergy sex abuse scandal and the mishandling of these cases by church leaders, to directly address these issues and set a course toward healing.

“My intention and well-founded hope is that this program will help our Catholic men and women deal with the complex emotions this scandal has caused and start them on the path to healing and renewed discipleship,” said Bishop Walkowiak.

Healing Our Church/Sanando Nuestra Iglesia initiates the healing process by encouraging participants to share their feelings about the scandal, embrace their roles as members of Christ’s Body, and discern and commit to meaningful actions.

Small group gatherings are underway in parishes around the diocese. Contact your parish office or a parish near you to learn more.

Diocesan-wide Holy Hour with Bishop Walkowiak Dec. 18
Join Bishop Walkowiak at the Cathedral of Saint Andrew on Wednesday, Dec. 18 at 7 p.m. for a Holy Hour to mark the conclusion of the Healing our Church process in parishes.

Learn more about the ‘Protecting God’s Children‘ program in the diocese.

Annalise Laumeyer, director of communications
alaumeyer@grdiocese.org | 616-551-5629