I. Title: School Custodian (Approx. 25 Hours/Week)

II. Role: Maintain cleanliness and appearance of school complex.

III. Relationships:
A. Reports to: Pastor, Principal, Facilities Manager and Maintenance Tech
B. Works with: Maintenance Tech
C. Special considerations: Assists Principal & school staff with seasonal and special event set-up/take-down.

IV. Areas of responsibilities:

1. Cleans entire school complex. Mops and vacuums floors, cleans bathrooms, washes windows, and performs other cleaning activities as directed.

Here is the breakdown by area:
a.Bathrooms (Student and Teachers’ Lounge):
• Clean/sanitize mirrors, sinks, urinals and toilets.
• Check supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, soap, deodorizers) and empty waste containers.
• Sweep and mop floors.
b.Classrooms, Art Room, Science Room & Library:
• Vacuum carpet & mats.
• Sanitize table/chair surfaces.
• Clean windows, glass parts of doors, counters, sinks
• Empty/re-line waste containers
• Straighten chairs and tables.
c. Kitchen:
• Sweep and mop floor.
• Empty/re-line waste containers.
d. Offices & Copy Center:
• Vacuum carpet.
• Clean windows.
• Sanitize work surfaces, tables, desks, chairs
• Straighten chairs and tables.
• Empty/re-line waste containers.
e. Teachers’ Lounge:
• Sweep & mop floor.
• Empty/re-line waste containers.
• Sanitize countertops, table & sink.
• Clean cabinet fronts/doors.
• Spot clean refrigerator.
f. Entryways & Hallways:
a. Sweep/mop floors
b. Vacuum all mats & carpets
c. Sanitize drinking fountains
d. Weekly dust tops of lockers & cubbies

2. Collects and disposes of trash and garbage from school complex receptacles.

3. Provides assistance as needed through setting up chairs and tables, hauling and moving items, and other tasks as requested by staff.

4. Checks into the parish office regularly for requested tasks.

5. In the summer, due to the light usage of school facility, assist in doing thorough cleanup of school.

6. Serve as back-up to Church Custodian as needed.

Interested Candidates Should Email ALL of the following:
1. Cover Letter
2. Resume
3. Copy of Credentials (if available)
4. A diocesan employment application located here,

To Domenic Franconi (Principal) at dfranconi@abvmschool1.org.

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