REPORTS TO: Business Manager
HOURS & FLSA STATUS: 40 hours; nonexempt


Responsible for working with the high schools to create and maintain tuition receivables accounts for all enrolled students. Prepare bank deposits from schools, development, and tuition payments and post to QuickBooks daily. Manage the annual enrollment and SmartTuition process. Monitor tuition receivables for payments, prepare aging reports, contact families to arrange payment plans, and if necessary, work with the collections agency. Invoice and collect payments for parish support and transportation.


  • Establishes tuition receivables accounts as students are accepted at the schools. Updates the accounts for tuition charges, financial aid, technology, transportation, parish support, named scholarships, payments, and miscellaneous billings such as IPad repairs.
  • Create, maintain, and archive physical tuition files.
  • Creates deposits and posts to QuickBooks.
  • Manages the SmartTuition set up and parent enrollment. Work with families to adjust payment plans/settings as needed. Download payment reports and import information to QuickBooks.
  • Reviews accounts for past due amounts regularly and works with families to collect payments. Document interactions and agreements with families in QuickBooks and physical tuition files, as appropriate. If necessary, turns collections over to collection agency.
  • Invoice and collect payment for elementary student transportation and all other elementary and high school bus use.
  • Process online credit card payments for tuition.
  • Invoice and collect payment for monthly parish support. Reconcile accounts semi-annually.
  • Creates Invoices/tuition contracts for all families.
  • Creates and maintains shared spreadsheets to monitor and report enrollment.
  • Assists Business Manager in reviewing financial aid applications and determining grants.
  • Annually, create enrollment packets and mail to families.


• Fluent in English and Spanish preferred.
• Associates degree in accounting or 2+ years’ experience in accounting, receivables management and collections.
• Ability to maintain confidential and sensitive information and to handle multiple tasks with varying deadlines.
• Must be organized, detail-oriented, accurate and efficient with strong project management skills and strong verbal and written communications skills.
• Advanced spreadsheet capabilities and quick and accurate keyboarding skills.
• Comfortable with learning and mastering multiple accounting and financial software to accomplish duties.
• Experience with customer service and client communication.
• Strong problem solving skills.

To apply:

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Posted: 3/10/20

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